Cape Town Fringe Festival 2015

Cape Town Fringe Festival 2015

The Cape Town Fringe Festival includes performances by both emerging and established artists in a wide range of genres and this year the festival will be staged at a variety of venues around Cape Town CBD and Langa.

So why go and support The Cape Town Fringe Festival 2015 is because it shows fresh and independent performances all over the city and the festival will be 11 days of amazing shows from 24 September to the 4 October at the ‘fringe heartbeat’, City Hall.

The Cape Town Fringe derives its existence of origin from the National Arts festival, which is extending its brand in new and exciting directions aiming to still bring a portion of amazing theatre and performances to various sites across the city.

One distinction between fringe festivals and conventional arts festivals is the method used to choose participants. Typically, conventional festivals use a jury selection process; whereas many fringe festivals do not use a jury process in their selection criteria.

Although the Cape Town festival is based on the international ‘Fringe’ concept, which focuses on small, mostly independent productions and performances that take place in often unusual venues. It will be structured slightly differently, as it is specifically modeled on ‘selected’ Fringe Festivals in New York, Prague and Amsterdam.

South Africa only has one true ‘Fringe’ Festival and that is in Grahamstown each year. It is an open-access Fringe which means that anyone can perform; they just have to fill in a form and arrive.





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