10 Ways to Capitalise on Capitec Cellphone Banking

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Convenience is important for many people nowadays. With technological advancements, life has become much simpler. The banking industry is constantly evolving as a result. Capitec Bank specialises in providing clients with simplified solutions for managing money.

A growing trend is an increased focus on mobile banking. With mobile banking, you can conduct your banking from any computer or smartphone.
Capitec offers a remote banking app (Android and iPhone) for smartphones, which allows users to have access to simple banking on the go. It’s secure, simple, functional and free.

With this app, clients are able to view their account balance, make payments and make transfers between accounts. It doesn’t end there though.

Here are 10 ways you can capitalise on Capitec Cellphone banking:

Make Payments:
You can use your cellphone to make payments. To use this feature, you must verify each payment with a Remote PIN code.

Buy airtime and electricity:
There are no extra costs whatsoever. This way you don’t have to spend hours waiting in queues at retail outlets anymore.

Add beneficiaries:
It can be tricky having to keep up with multiple payments. With the Capitec Cellphone Banking app, you don’t have to enter account details for every payment. Instead, regular beneficiaries can be saved, viewed, sorted, upgraded and deleted.

View transaction history:
It becomes easier to track down a specific transaction because you can monitor your account balances and transaction history.

Add future and recurring payments:
With this app, you are in complete control of your finances. Payments can be scheduled and authorised for a future date.

Do multi-loan withdrawals:
You can make multi-loan withdrawals at any time from your smartphone.

View account details:
You can look up any details you need quickly and on the go.

View credit plan details and balances:
You can manage any credit plans you have, giving you more control of your finances.

Create and manage your budget:
Create a personalised budget plan in 3 simple steps

Connect with Capitec:
You have easy access to any Capitec branches if you need help.


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