Capitec Bank Interest Rates


Capitec Bank is a fast-growing South African banking institution with over 7.3 million active customers nationwide. The JSE-listed company offers a range of banking solutions including transactional services, credit facilities and saving options. The innovative Global One solution has been designed to offer clients a simple and efficient all-inclusive banking package.

Capitec is renowned for having highly competitive interest rates on its savings facilities. In recent years, many South Africans have switched to Capitec to benefit from these competitive interest rates as well as their popular low bank charges.

Capitec Bank interest rates on their Transactions/Savings Account:

R0- R999                              5.35%

R10 000- R24 999             5.35%

R25 000- R99 999             5.65%

R100 000 +                          5.90%

Interest Rates on Loans:

R1000                   24.25%

R10 000                16.25-33.65%

R75 000                16.25-33.55%

R120 000              21.75- 33.70%

R205 000              22.7 -30.35%

Capitec provides clients with access of up to R250 000 in loans, which is higher than what most other institutions are willing to offer. Repayment terms range from 1 to 84 months and there is an easy online application process where you can simply fill in an application form.

If your salary is paid directly into your Capitec Bank account, you will be charged lower interest rates. Loans are unsecured, which works to your advantage if you have no collateral to put up against the loan. Once you apply, you can expect a response within a few minutes. You get an immediate response and funds are deposited directly into your account if you qualify.

You can use the handy Capitec Personal Loan calculator to work out how much you’ll need to repay every month.

The calculator defaults to the minimum interest rate that you could qualify for.

To find out more about Capitec Bank interest rates, call: 0860 10 20 43



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