Car Insurance Comparisons


At times comparing quotes from direct insurance companies, brokers and comparison websites can be time-consuming.

There are ways that car insurance comparisons can be simplified. 

What you need to look for:

Policy features as well as the price

When making car insurance comparisons you need to thoroughly assess the policy features as well as the price that you will be paying.

Make a table, listing benefits, exclusions and costs

This is simple tool you could use to compare car insurance policies thoroughly.

Note the compulsory excess

The excess amount is how much you will have to pay before your claim is processed.

The level of cover against theft of your personal belongings

Keep in mind that not all insurance policies will cover any personal possessions lost in your car

Whether or not a policy covers you to drive other cars

Price comparison websites can save time

By comparing online you are able to compare the price in real time, saving you more time

It’s important to look closely at the policy benefits as well as the price

Don’t only base your decision on the bottom line. Pick through the fine details that separate one from the other.

When comparing, you’ll want to know precise coverage limits 

You need to know exactly what the cover provides and what the exclusions are

Be ready and willing to provide details about the make and model of your car, as well as its safety features

This will have an effect on the insurance premium that you are charged, so it’s important to be honest

Never assume that the coverage involved in all quotes will be identical

Use your current car insurance policy as a measuring stick to compare

Research the insurance company’s financial standing

You’ll want to be covered by a company that will be able to afford to pay-out in the event that you need to claim.


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