Car Insurance Online Quote


In the past it was more common to get an insurance quote from a broker. In recent years however more insurance companies have seen the value in cutting the middle man out. An increasing number of insurance companies are giving their clients an option to get direct access to insurance through an online platform.

While getting a car insurance online quote can be beneficial, both the direct insurance and broker insurance channels offer various benefits.

Why choose car insurance online quotes?

It can be easy to understand and uncomplicated. You won’t have to spend hour waiting in line for your turn to get to speak to a broker.

Your quote will be based on the type of insurance cover you need. You need to ensure that you provide accurate information. You need to choose either: Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire and Theft or Third Party Only cover.

Your vehicle insurance quote will also specify if you will be covered for retail, trade or market value.

Decide if you want to get a quote for domestic or business use. This will have an effect on how much you are quoted.

The insurance amount you are quoted for will also depend on your age.

Free market forces govern what insurance companies charge, so you are charged at their discretion.

Most companies will provide car insurance quotes online or via their call centres. You can also get a quote from online insurance aggregators.

Your claims record will affect your quote. If you are considered to be a high-risk individual, you can expect this to affect how much you are quoted.

What factors affect your car insurance online quote?

  • Where you live
  • Where your vehicle is kept at night
  • Who the driver is
  • What the purpose is used for
  • Your vehicle type – some vehicles are more susceptible to theft

Remember to get quotes from as many insurance providers as possible.


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