Career Advice to Making More Money

Make more money

Starting a career is usually accompanied by aspirations of wanting to make more money. Once people can make a sustainable living, their career aspirations may vary and may no longer have a core emphasis on making large amounts of money. But for those who still have a desire to improve their income potential, there are a number of ways to do this.

Change the way you think about money:

It’s important to remember that your choices as an individual determine your income potential. By adopting a positive attitude when it comes to money, you may improve your chances of making more money.

Change the way that you think about yourself:

Focus on improving your skill set and don’t be afraid to use your achievements to improve your income.

Market research:

Know your value first. Use your findings to negotiate a higher salary for yourself based upon industry standards. If you find out that you are being paid below the industry norm, you may have a good point to negotiate from.

Develop your skills:

Differentiate yourself from everyone in the company. Make sure that you commit to sharpening your skills and to undertake further training.

Keep records of your accomplishments:

Compile a comprehensive portfolio of work. This should include all the work you’ve done throughout your career. This will show your employer or potential clients what you are capable of and how much value you’re bringing to the table. It will help you negotiate a higher salary.

Secure some recommendations:

Ask people you’ve worked for to vouch for you. A good recommendation will show potential employers or clients that you take your craft seriously and are responsible and reliable.

Don’t be afraid to ask and negotiate:

Don’t be afraid to ask your employer for the remuneration your deserve, based on the level of your skill and industry standards.


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