Cash Assist


Have you ever been in a financial fix where you’ve run out of cash and don’t know what to do about it? If you’re facing such a challenge, Cash Assist may be the ideal solution for you.

A financial institution that specialises in providing affordable loans to salaried employees, Cash Assist offers a unique service.

By providing personal loans to individuals in need of cash, Cash Assist helps people meet their most pressing needs.

Cash Assist believes in offering help for cash-strapped customers on an on-going basis. The rising cost of living has driven many people towards finding alternate sources of finance. Traditional banking institutions are not always willing to understand the daily challenges many people face. Micro-lending institutions have stepped up by helping to bridge the gap for many people.

Cash Assist specialises in providing customers with loans charged at lower fees and without charging interest.

Cash Assist Membership Programme:

Through this programme, individuals are able to form a system of trust with Cash Assist. Loyal clients can get quick cash every month without having to fill in any forms. Loans are also provided at reasonable costs.

An overdraft type service is offered, whereby members are entitled to a certain facility every month.

Cash Assist strives to provide fast, efficient services to clients. Loans are provided in easily accessible manner, without any hassles at all. Minimal paperwork is involved and there are no lengthy queues to wait in.

Cash Assist address:

2nd floor North City House

28 Melle Street Braamfontein



Visit their website:


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