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cash back finance

Micro financing is much more than simply providing money but rather a highly innovative initiative to help the poor generate income. Micro finance in South Africa was established to safeguard the interests of consumers from being exploited through unregulated loans and over the top interest rates. One micro lender living up to this industry foundation promise is Cash Back Finance.

Cash back finance was established about 22 years ago with the vision of providing easy long and short-term loans. In living up to this vision, this business concern provides loans up to cash amount of R120,000. If a client is up to date with his loan repayments, they may qualify for a second or third loan depending on the criteria as set by the loan company.The client will have to apply again and the loan provider will look at the clients profile, affordability,etc. Cash Back will then make a decision based on the rules and regulations as set by the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

To qualify for this credit facility, a customer needs to be 18 years and above, be in employment with income, show proof of income by payslip, present proof of residence and have a bank account where debit orders can be carried out.

Cash Back Finance also provides a legal assistance plan which gives assistance to clients with legal problems by means of telephonic or online consultation.

Contact can be made on 0145929339.


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