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cash converters loans

Cash converters – Small scale loans provider
Selling second hand goods is a viable and lucrative way of making money. A business entity that has contributed towards the formalisation of this activity is Cash Converters. Founded in 1984 in Perth, Australia, Cash Converters offers personal finance by using a unique pawn broking system. It has now established over 60 stores in South Africa and a network of over 700 stores globally. The group employs modern retailing practices and maintains high ethical standards. This has ensured its status as a credible merchant of second-hand goods is maintained.

Cash Converters’ speciality lies in the buying and selling of second-hand goods and it provides the fastest and easiest access to cash through provision of small scale loans. Its core area of business supports the purchasing of unwanted goods like TV’s, Hi-fis, cellphones, jewellery, computers, laptops, PlayStations, DVDs, cameras, household appliances, sports equipment etc. Clients are able to take these goods to a Cash Converters outlet where they can exchange these goods for instant cash. The prevalence of crime has made Cash Converters hyper-vigilant about stolen goods. This is why Cash Converters has always maintained compliance with the second hand goods Act and has consistently worked with the South African Police Services to ensure suspected stolen goods are not sold.

An extension of Cash Converters’ services is the range of personal cash loans available. These loans come in the form of the cash advance and payday advance.

Cash Day advance loans with Cash Converters allows individuals to access instant cash against a particular valuable which they should leave in custody of Cash Converters. Once the credit amount plus fees are paid back within a period of 30 days, they can then collect their item.
Flexible payday solutions give clients an option of loaning an amount out against one’s next salary. The money is debited on the client’s account on the day they are paid.
Cash Converter’s Loan solutions offer clients unique personal finance options.

Contact them here: 087 820 4060.


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