Catch them all with these Pokémon Go Tips in Johannesburg


Pokemon Go fever has spread all over the world. In Johannesburg, thousands of Pokémon Go lovers have joined the movement and are catching them all. Some of the busiest areas in Johannesburg, where you’ll be most likely to catch Pokémon, include Sandton City, Rosebank Mall, Johannesburg Zoo and Montecasino. Otherwise you can always explore the city and your local neighbourhood.

It helps to catch all the Pidgeys, Caterpics, Psyducks and Zubats you can get, even if you get repeats, as this will help you level up quicker.

Once you reach level 5 you’ll be able to start training in the many Pokémon Go gyms around town.

Once you have some eggs you need to walk a certain distance per egg to hatch them. You and a few of your friends could set out to the Johannesburg Zoo and rack up those kilometres as you hatch your eggs. Visit those Pokestops (real world locations) which serve as game hubs.

It’s important to stay vigilant and avoid walking around at night with your smartphone out. Walking around Zoo Lake at night with your smartphone out as you try to catch a Pidgey isn’t a smart move.

Get Pikachu right from the beginning of Pokémon Go. To do this, simply begin the game anew.

When you’re offered a chance to capture either Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle, reject the offer and begin walking away in real life. Repeat this rejection process between 3 to 5 more times and Pikachu will appear nearby.

To capture your Pokémon, throw the Pokeball when the ring is largest and when it’s either yellow or green.

If you’re struggling to capture a Pokémon, simply disable the game’s AR mode. It makes capturing far easier.

Use incense to lure Pokémon in your direction.

Hatching rates are based on how many kilometres you’ve walked with the app open.

To save on data, head over to Google Maps and download a cached map of your immediate area.

The good news for Johannesburg Pokémon Go players is that there is a Pokémon Go map created by developer Ahmed Almutawa, that is available, that shows you exactly what Pokémon are available for capture at any given time.



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