Cell c airtime advance – airtime anytime with C-Advance

Cell c airtime advance

Cell C is very well known for giving its subscribers freebies and so the addition of the C-Advance service didn’t really come as a surprise. Needing airtime at the oddest of hours, with no open shops can happen to anyone. And with people using smart phones, data bundles are a priority compared to airtime, considering that people chat a lot.
With data bundles people also download music, pictures and videos and that is much cheaper than using airtime.

Cell C airtime advance

C-Advance enables subscribers to get urgent airtime at anytime of the day or night when they need to make that urgent call. For a subscriber to qualify for this service, they would need to have been with Cell C for at least six months with an airtime recharge of at least R30 per month.

The third cell phone network and service provider boasts 11.5 million subscribers who enjoy this service. With C-Advance, subscribers can loan airtime from as little as R5 up to R100, depending on how much airtime the subscriber recharges on a monthly basis. By dialling *147# from their Cell C phone, choosing option 7 and following the prompts, the airtime will be in their account within minutes.

The airtime advance plus a service fee of R1 will be deducted from the subscriber’s next recharge. If for example a subscriber gets R10 airtime advance, they will have to pay R11 on their next recharge. So if their next recharge is R10 then they still have R1 owing. The subscriber will only qualify for another airtime advance once the existing advance has been settled.
This great service is not only amazing for Cell C subscribers but also puts Cell C on the map, playing a vital role in South Africa’s telecommunications systems and networks with a dual band GSM 900/1800 MHz data network.
Cell c airtime advance



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