Cell C Pinnacle Contract, Offering Great Value for Money

Cell C Pinnacle Contract

South Africans have access to a wide array of cellphone contracts from which to choose. In recent years, a number of new mobile operators have entered the market, giving consumers access to more choice.

Since Cell C has entered the fray, the operator has become the third largest cellphone company in South Africa, offering competitive voice and data packages.

As South African consumers become increasingly data-centric, Cell C has adapted to the changing market by offering quality packages.

Through the Cell C Pinnacle contract, the company aims to offer quality voice and data solutions to individuals who use large quantities on a monthly basis. There is a great range of deals to suit every need.

Cell C CEO Jose Dos Santos says:

“The Pinnacle suite of products offers an all-inclusive voice, data and SMS proposition at exceptional rates, giving high-usage customers the best value available on the market.”

Why choose Cell C Pinnacle?

  • You get exceptional discounts in data and SMSes.
  • You get out-of-bundle rates of just 15c per MB.
  • You are only charged 15c per SMS.
  • You get to benefit from the fact that prices will not increase during the duration of the contracts.

You have the option of choosing between:
Pinnacle 30, 50, 100, 150, 250, 400, 1000 or Unlimited.
You have the option of signing a month-to-month contract or a 24-month contract.

Cell C Pinnacle can be activated at any participating Cell C store, online or by calling as a SIM-only product. Cell C Pinnacle contracts are available from R499.

Tell me more about the promotional period?

The promotional period runs from October 2016 to 31 January 2017.
Subscribers get to enjoy 3 times inclusive minutes, SMSes and unlimited Wi-Fi calling.

Subscribers who qualify for Pinnacle 250 and up get cash back of up to R10 000 when signing up for a new 24 month contract.

Cash Back is a value card (MasterCard prepaid credit card) loaded with a Rand value or electronic transfer to your bank account.

Visit www.cellc.co.za


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