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Centrafin – Financing a business is always a challenge for any business enterprise.This problem is even more common for among business entities who are just trying to establish themselves in the market. Research statistics show that 50% of businesses collapseĀ in the first year due to insufficient funds. One business organisation alleviating this trend is Centrafin.

Centrafin was launched in the year 2002 as an independent financial intermediary in the operating rental market.This business house takes pride in its ability to structure finance solutions which best meet the needs of clients.These solutions provided to clients include Operating Rental, Hire and Service Agreements, Insurance, Bridging or Project Finance, Plant and Equipment Finance as well as Green Solutions Financing.

Operating lease finance is a rental agreement where the residual value of the asset is set at the outset, based on the estimated use throughout the term. Hire and service agreements is facilitated through selected partners to provide customers with an agreement covering both the hire of equipment and ancillary services. Insurance cover provided by this entity has been adapted specifically adapted specifically to technology based goods. Project Finance is designed to fund the acquisition of equipment. Plant and Equipment Finance can be used to finance new or used front end loaders, forklifts, cranes, backhoe loaders, graders or any other construction equipment. Green solutions financing is a plan for the procurement of energy saving equipment solutions to qualifying corporate applicants utilising operating expenditure budgets.

This Financial house is certainly not short of solutions.To access these products and services, contact can be made onĀ 011 654 6460.


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