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Updating your contact details can be mind-numbing when you move your house or change your contact information; what you need is a system that does that for you without any hassle. Fortunately there is an app that can do that for you – Change My Details.

Change My details is an online service that enables you to keep your contact details updated with South Africa’s banks, telecommunications operators and retailers. This service makes it quick and simple for a user to update their contact details with any number of local service providers from one central point.

How does it work?
With close to 100 of South Africa’s contact details, the website allows a user to choose the type of information they need to update and which service providers notify about the user’s change of their contact details.

A one-time Pin is sent to the user’s cell phone to stimulate the service, that way a user will get a summary of companies that have been notified successfully.
Colin Bridge, a founder of Change My Details says, “During our research, we found that for some service providers it can cost up to R30/entry for incorrect details. This includes costs for post sent to the incorrect address and costs for following up with a client as a result.”

A user doesn’t need to pay for any service provided to them by Change My Details, the company rather charges service providers for facilitating the process of updating user information. “It is their benefit to have updated customer information and for the service we charge R1 every time we send them information,” says Bridge.
So far the website does not support all service providers but if the user chooses a company that is not yet accepting automatic updates from Change My Details, a user can vote for that company to get it on board.

The website does not store any personal information and no user registration is needed.


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