Cheap Insurance Quotes – Broker vs Direct Advantages and Disadvantages


When you are looking for cheap car insurance the method that you use to get this insurance can be quite important. If you choose to use the services of a broker for example you can get a number of benefits, while choosing to get a quote directly from an insurance provider also has its gains.

Advantages of choosing a broker

You have the chance of finding the best deal or best coverage possible for your needs because your broker is drawing on a large number of companies on your behalf.

A broker may offer you more choice than if you contacted companies directly.

A broker can negotiate on your behalf and can present you with different options and recommendations.

Disadvantage of choosing a broker

Their services aren’t free. Your broker will likely charge a commission for their services.

You may only be limited to the network of insurance providers provided by your broker- potentially limiting your exposure to potential other discounts on premiums you can get from other insurance providers.

If you have specific unique needs it may take longer with a broker.

Advantages of approaching an insurance company directly:

You may be able to get better discounts.

An agent may be able to show you the merits of getting insurance with the insurance provider instead of another company. An agent may also tailor the insurance policy to meet your specific needs.

Disadvantages of the direct method:

The bad news is that using the direct method may not save you money. There are various online comparison websites that provide access to numerous insurance companies. These services are also free of charge.

If you choose to skip getting a broker or an agent the entire process may end up taking longer.


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