Check how far this Pokémon Go Player has Gone


How far would you go to catch a Pokémon? Well…

A 911 call in New Jersey in the United States was a result of a woman trying to catch Pokémon in a cemetery and ending up stuck in a tree.

The Firefighters in Clarksboro who had rescued the woman said she climbed a tree while playing on the app “Pokémon Go” on her smartphone inside the Eglington Cemetery.

Following the 911 call from the woman it was a rescue mission from the East Greenwich Township Fire and Rescue who arrived to get her down with a ladder.

The woman’s effort really brings new meaning to dedication to catching ‘em all. And in light of this, although finding and collecting all the Pokémon can have the game take you to some strange places. And terrific places too. Safety and being alert at all times is vital.

Especially since it’s been reported that muggers use Pokémon Go to lure victims. Therefore think about what you are doing. And where you are going before you actually do it, so no one gets hurt, yikes!


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