City Golf Revived by Volkswagen in South Africa


When the Citi Golf launched in 1984 in South Africa, the car transformed the motoring industry in the country. The red, yellow and blue Citi Golf launched at the time offered car owners a reliable model with the benefit of fuel efficiency. The car became iconic through the years in the country and maintained a firm place in the market as one of the best-selling vehicles.

In 2009, Volkswagen stopped manufacturing the car and replaced it with the Polo Vivo in 2010 as the market leader in the compact passenger car segment.

To celebrate the success of the Polo Vivo, Volkswagen South Africa has launched a limited edition Citi Vivo model to pay homage to the successful and iconic Citi Golf.

The Citi Vivo is also available in red, yellow and blue and retails for R177 300.

“There is no better way to celebrate the success of the Polo Vivo as the best-selling passenger car in South Africa than to pay homage to its iconic predecessor, Citi Golf. The three colours of Red, Yellow and Blue are synonymous with the classic Citi Golf and it was fitting for us to use them as the only colours for the Citi Vivo,” said Stefan Meecha, Director of Sales and Marketing at Volkswagen Group South Africa.

“Citi Vivo is a special edition with about 2000 units planned.”

What can fans of the Citi Golf expect from the Citi Vivo?

The Citi Vivo boasts white 15 inch alloys, with side mirrors and exterior clear handles painted in the same colour.  The car also has decals running along each flank.

It will also feature the familiar 1.4 litre four-cylinder petrol engine along with a five-speed manual gearbox. The car also comes with an optional service plan.



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