Cloud on Demand – Providing Flexibility For Transforming Computing

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Cloud on Demand is a South African Cloud vendor. The institution provides superior automation, flexibility and efficiency to transform the way you deliver computing. It helps you with embracing the benefits of cloud technology easily and in the most cost-effective manner.

The platform provided by Cloud on Demand is secure because clients are given full visibility. In addition, no data is left on the servers once you are done.

What services are provided by Cloud on Demand?

  • Infrastructure as a service
  • Software Solutions
  • Email
  • Cloud consulting
  • Backup
  • IT Service Management
  • Hosted Desktop

The Software Defined Data Centre is run by the VMWare Cloud Infrastructure, which allows for computing, storage, networking and security.

One of the more popular products in South Africa is Server on Demand. This is mainly due to bandwidth cost reduction. With this solution, you can choose your contract period, either 1 month, 1 week or 1 year. In addition, you pay only for the resources you’ve used and budgeted for.

Backup on Demand is a service that provides Backup and Disaster Recovery. This service gives you total backup and recovery protection from any failure and you get instant recoveries of large volumes. Cloud on Demand provides a service that is up to 12 times faster than traditional backup solutions.

Additional services include:


Remote Control


Desktop Migration

Management reports


Cloud on Demand is one of a number of South African technology companies that are making cloud computing a simpler process and easily accessible – giving individuals and organisations cost-effective computing options.

Contact Cloud on Demand by calling: 011 018 1750 or by sending an email to



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