Commercial Auto Insurance Quotes


Commercial auto insurance may appear to be similar to a personal car insurance policy at face value. This isn’t the case though. Commercial auto insurance can prove beneficial by providing higher coverage and liability limits than a personal policy can offer tailored to a specific business industry.

A protective commercial auto insurance policy will offer extra coverage for employees that drive company cars. The good thing about this type of insurance cover is that it can be fully customisable.

What commercial auto insurance typically covers:

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Medical payments
  • Uninsured or Underinsured motorists
  • Hired auto
  • Non-owner

A basic liability commercial auto insurance policy will cover bodily injury as well as property damage. Cars that get covered with commercial car insurance are the ones that are used in order for the company to meet its goals. For instance, if you have a fleet of trucks that are used to make deliveries throughout the country, you need to make sure that these vehicles are covered adequately for any risks they may face on the road. Just like personal car insurance, commercial auto insurance may be offered in a number of forms.

Tips for getting the best commercial auto insurance quotes:

  • The same tools used to evaluate yourself when buying personal car insurance should be used when purchasing commercial auto insurance for your company.
  • You need to start by identifying what type of drivers you have employed.
  • You also need to evaluate what kind of fleet of vehicles you are looking to insure.
  • Keep in mind that premiums will vary widely.
  • You need to take into consideration the type and size of the company and how well they are equipped to cover your assets.
  • You should consider the excess you are willing to pay.
  • You need to compare as many commercial auto insurance quotes as possible.



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