Compuscan – Credit Management Solutions for Africa


Established in 1994, Compuscan is a reliable and trusted credit reference bureau. This institution provides services to South Africa, Uganda, Namibia, Botswana and Ethiopia. As an entity that offers Credit Bureau Solutions with a proven track record, Compuscan collects, validates, loads, verifies, houses and distributes consumer credit information.When you owe an organisation or institution money, this is reflected on your individual credit report. This report indicates all your credit transactions and payment behaviour. If you have made late payments to various creditors, this will reflect on this report. If you have made payments on time and diligently, this will also be indicated on the report. At times, reports may contain errors which may otherwise be missed if you don’t check your credit status. Another benefit of using Compuscan’s services is the opportunity to check for identity theft.

The institution combines highly skilled technologists with an in-depth industry knowledge, advanced technologies and reliable infrastructure, to provide quality services.

Over the years Compuscan has worked hard to develop purpose-driven credit management solutions and decision-making systems.

According to the National Credit Act, every consumer is entitled to one free credit report per annum. Any additional reports will be charged at R22.80 (VAT incl).

How can I get my credit report from Compuscan?

To request a credit report, fill in an online form by visiting the Compuscan website here:

To query your credit report, call 0861 51 41 31

Compuscan will resolve your dispute or query within 20 business days

If it hasn’t been resolved within this period, contact the Credit Ombud on 0861 662 837 or at


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