Convenient Loan-Finding Services From Loanmatch SA


In the South African financial services sector there are numerous institutions, all offering a different number of financial services. This can very often be quite confusing for many ordinary individuals who may just be looking for a simple loan solution. 

Having access to a loan-finding service can provide convenient ways of getting the best loan solution for unique individual needs. 

Offering a quick service, open communication and best results, Loan Match SA offers quality service. 

You are provided access to loan amounts ranging from R1000 to R500 000, dependent on your individual creditworthiness. 

Loan Match SA takes various factors into consideration when finding you the perfect loan, such as interest rates and fees as well as the instalment suitability for your budget. 

How can you apply? 

You can apply on Loan Match SA quickly and easily in your own time.  

Once registered on the site, you will be offered a range of suppliers to choose the best possible loan option from. 

You can apply online or via phone- whichever is most convenient for you. 

Who can apply? 

  • South African Nationals 
  • Individuals who are above the age of 18 years old 
  • Individuals who earn a monthly salary of at least R2000 
  • Individuals who are not under debt review or bankruptcy 

In addition to loan-finding service, Loanmatch SA offers an Advice Assistance Service package which is available for a fee of only R429 for the first month and R99 for the remaining 11 months. 

The application process is simple and quite straightforward. By visiting the website, you are able to get access to competitive loan solutions. 

Once you qualify and are approved, you can get quick access to your cash. You have the financial freedom to meet your most pressing financial needs.


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