Creative Ways To Make Money


Freelance writing

There are many opportunities available for freelance writing. You can also go a step further by creating your own blog and making money from selling advertising space. There are numerous companies that are willing to monetize unique blogs, so do your research to learn more about some of the most creative ways to make money through freelance writing. 

Sell art from Home

If you are creative and you’ve created a number of artworks, you can use sites like to sell your work. You can get creative about it by organising a special event to sell the artwork and inviting family and friends as well.

Sell your unused items

If you have books, clothes or shoes that you no longer use, you could sell these items to make money. If you own a caravan or a boat you can rent them out for extra money.

Rent out your parking space

If you live in a central or busy area of the city, you could make quite a bit of money by renting out your parking space.

Use your creative skills

If you have a creative skill, you can use it to make some money. If you are a photographer, you could try licensing your images on Getty through Flickr. There are numerous businesses that are willing to pay for your stock photos.

Cook for others

A trend that is picking up is one whereby individuals are organising dinners at their houses and asking people to buy tickets to attend the dinners. Another one of the most creative ways to make money is by holding cooking lessons at your house.


This is often considered the number one activity for making instant money. Foreign languages are in great demand, so you could trawl the net for local and international organisations that are looking for language tutors.


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