Credit Salvage Corporation, taking care of your creditors


Taking care of your creditors in the event of failing to repay your loans or credit can be a tiresome moment especially when your creditors decide to take legal action against you. Such a scenario requires the services of third part that will assist you to get out those murky waters.

Credit Salvage Corporation is a financial firm that assists blacklisted people by carrying the burden of managing their creditors. The institution’s role is to clear your name of nay judgments with the local credit bureau. Credit Salvage Corporation will negotiate with the creditors so that a form of agreement is reached, this settlement will be structured in such a way that it allows the client enough breathing space to settle his debts.

The company does credit clearance, rescission of judgments, updating and removal of defaults as well as notices and trade alerts.

To conduct credit clearance, the following few steps will take place:

  • Registration with Credit Salvage corporation in order to facilitate the administration costs
  • A client’s credit check will be conducted; this is done by way of getting a client’s personal profile from various credit bureau and another profile will be obtained from the national Loans Register (NLR)
  • A client will be allowed to agree by signing a legal pack and mandate which is the power of attorney for commencement of matters
  • Creditors are contacted to ascertain outstanding amounts
  • A court date will be set for a rescission of judgment regarding any amounts that have been paid in full; this is done without a client appearing in court until judgment is rescinded. For all listings which have outstanding balance, a loan facility will be arranged to pay off creditors

For more information regarding the above, Credit Salvage can be contacted on 0861692733.


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