Creditworthiness Examples


1. Mandla is a 32 year old Doctor who has previously opened an account WITH Dion Wired. Mandla has a steady income which comes every month and he pays his debts on times. Mandla also pays his rent and school fees for his kids. He has never omitted his payments and now he has a high credit score 

2. Jane is currently doing part time promotions for different companies. She is paid by commission and sometimes she does not receive anything due to low or no sales. Jane has also skipped her payments for her Edgars’ account because she did not have a stable income. Jane’s credit score is low and she might now be considered for a loan 

3. Educo (pvt ltd) is an upcoming online science school. They have recently applied for credit from the bank. The owners have a good credit history contributed by their length credit history. They have always paid accounts on time and never defaulted on payments. The owner’s financial statements are up to date and their company is profitable and promising to expand. Therefore they are credit worthy 


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