Debt Eazy


The demand in instant cash has seen the emerging of vast financial institutions in South Africa. This demand is a huge gap which could not be filled by big banks due to an increase in the number of South Africans who require short term loans on a daily basis.

It is in line with this development that creditors like Debt Eazy have been preferred by people other banks considering that not much paperwork is required when applying for a loan let alone the time required for one to get the loan.

Debt Eazy is a financial institution that offers short-term loans to clients who meets the required standards. Based in the Gauteng province of South Africa, the creditor offers its loans via online means from a minimum of R100 to anything up to R2500 for a period of one month or less.

The benefit of borrowing with Debt Eazy is that an existing client can decide how much they would like to borrow and he can still use the creditor’s services in future. But worth noting is that such a benefit only applies to clients whose relationship with the creditor is mutual i.e. how the client conducted himself since he started borrowing.

Clients who are beginning to borrow from the creditor cannot borrow anything above R2000; the figure can increase to R10 000 if a client repays the loan in time.
Debt Eazy is a registered credit provider that abides by the financial laws of the South African government.

The financial institution can be contacted on 01227716920 or clients can simply send an email to


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