Debtbusters – Helping You Achieve Financial Stability


Debtbusters, established in 2008, is the largest debt management company in the South Africa. The institution is dedicated to helping clients achieve financial stability and has assisted over 35 000 satisfied clients to date. These individuals were assisted with getting their finances back on track. In addition to this, Debtbusters has saved 524 homes and vehicles from being repossessed in the last 18 months. This has been augmented by on-going customer care and assistance right up until the client is debt free.

Research has indicated that South Africans spend over 75% of their disposable income paying off debts. Some are diligent and responsible, while others are struggling to keep up. Debtbusters strives to assist individuals who need a little help getting back on track.

Services offered by Debtbusters include the following:

Debt Counselling – an efficient and formal debt rehabilitation solution.

Debt Consolidation – merging numerous small expensive debts into one or two larger more affordable debts.

Debt Management – creation of an affordable financial budget and formal debt relief arrangements with credit providers.

Debt Remedy – removal of bad judgements and clearing of credit records.

Debt Settlement – development of a payment plan when clients receive a large amount of money and want to settle their debt.

Sequestration and Liquidation – considered a form of personal bankruptcy or insolvency, as clients cannot afford to pay their debts. Debtbusters will help to facilitate the process.

Corporate Debt Counselling – debt solutions for corporates and their employees for reducing debt.

Contact Debtbusters and become debt free today by calling: 0869 99 06 06


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