Deciding Which Car Insurance to Get


Know what you want

You need to start by understanding the type of cover you need. You need to know what your priorities are. So start by assessing your cost needs, customer service needs as well as your cover needs.

In South Africa, the types of car insurance you can get include:

  • Comprehensive Cover- this is the most extensive type of cover
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft- this cover is less expensive and pays for any third party damage. Your own car is not covered in the event of an accident however.
  • Third Party Only – this is the most basic cover

Check for the reputation of the car insurance company as well as its financial standing

You need to do some investigative work and find out as much as you can about the insurance company. Make sure that the company is licensed to sell insurance. In South Africa, car insurance companies need to adhere to the rules of the Financial Services Board.

Compare car insurance quotes

When you are trying to decide on car insurance, you need to compare at least three quotes. You could also talk to family and friends to find out about their experiences. You should look for companies that offer discounts and good driver rewards. You should also ask about bundling policies. Another way you could compare is by checking out the company’s social media account to see any reviews.

Review your cover annually

Make sure that you don’t get complacent. Take the time you need to review your cover annually. Keep in mind that many companies decrease their premiums for certain life events. So any changes that may have occurred in your life may have a positive effect on your car insurance. You won’t always get the best cover from your insurance company unless you make sure that you find out about how you can get the best benefits.


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