Dental Health Insurance


The cost of medical aid in South Africa is high and not many people can afford it. This leaves many people at the mercy pf the public health system for all their medical needs.  While more South Africans have become acquainted with the benefits of health insurance, research indicates that an increasing number of people are also realising the benefits of having dental health insurance. 

The costs of dentistry, like all medical costs, are rising above inflation.

If you were to pay for some common dental procedures using cash upfront, here’s what you can expect to pay: 

Root canal R900 to R2500

Crown R2500 to R4500

ImplantR8000 to R13 000

Removal of four wisdom teethR12 000 to R20 000 (at a hospital)

R10 000 to R15 000 (at a day clinic)

R7500 to R900 (at a dentist)

The good news is that there are a number of dental health insurance providers in South Africa that specialise in this type of insurance.

There are various types of dental insurance plans available, such as: 

  • Basic dental care which covers a wide range of dental treatments
  • Cover for cosmetic dentistry
  • The most common form takes the form of managed care plans through organisations

How to find dental health insurance: 

  • Start by comparing the total cost of dental treatments to the total costs of the insurance plan.
  • Check participating dentists.
  • The type of procedures covered by your preferred or chosen dental insurance plan is also important.

Affinity Dental

This is a leading provider of affordable insurance products in the South African market. It provides you with advanced, professional dental care.  By choosing Affinity Dental, you can spread out the costs of dental treatment through innovative, structured dental health plans.

Offered as either Silver, Gold or Platinum plans, this dental health insurance is available from R139 per month.



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