Dial Direct Car Insurance – Simple, Smart Insurance


Dial Direct is a leading South African insurance firm renowned for providing simple, smart insurance. Since inception in 2003, Dial Direct’s operations have been based on its philosophy, which is directed at “making client’s lives easier.”

Dial Direct provides a range of insurance products including home, life, buildings and car insurance. One of its more popular products is the car insurance product. This solution is provided in the form of Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft and Third Party cover.

Comprehensive cover is tailor-made so that it is immediate for third-party incidents. Additional cover is provided for mechanical failure on parts  like engines, gearboxes, fuel systems, electrical ignition, cooling systems, touch-up insurance for chips from stones and scuff marks, sound system cover, hail damage cover and canopy cover.

Dial Direct gives clients peace of mind. All car claim and repair processes such as sourcing of car repair quotes will be handled for you and you’ll receive regular feedback by email or SMS. In addition, all approved car repairs with Dial Direct carry a lifetime guarantee.

Benefits offered by Dial Direct:

  • As a client, you can use the Dial Direct Towline and your towing and storage will be covered.
  • A Cash Back bonus is included with your policy.
  • Assist benefits are included at no extra cost to you.
  • Medical Assist gives you access to a 24-hour hotline for telephonic emergency medical advice, counselling and advice on domestic and child abuse, sexual assault, depression, bereavement and funeral arrangements.
  • Road Assist is included which helps when you need to change a flat tyre, or when you need help with changing a flat battery, the services of a locksmith or even fuel delivery.
  • Trauma Assist has been formulated to help you and your family during a traumatic event.
  • Home Assist and legal Assist products are also included.

Contact Dial Direct to get a quote today: 0861 007 367.

Visit their website: www.dialdirect.co.za.


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