Dial Direct Insurance – Competitive and Quality Insurance

Dial Direct Insurance offers a variety of insurance products along with competitive quotes. An extensive range of insurance products offered by Dial Direct includes car, home, contents, buildings and motorcycle insurance. 

Car insurance:

Car insurance is offered as Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire and Theft, Third Party Only and Better Car insurance. With each type of car insurance product, Assist benefits are included, along with a Cash Back Bonus.

Home Contents insurance:

This type of insurance provides cover for the contents in your house. You also get cover for your guest’s belongings that were stolen from your home. Dial Direct Insurance cover is provided for malicious damage, break in or theft, fire, lightning, power surge and explosion.

Buildings insurance: 

This type of cover is for the actual physical structure of your home. This includes walls, doors, windows, swimming pools, garages and buildings. Dial Direct will also provide cover for the loss of rent expenses to live elsewhere while your home is being repaired. Damage caused by fire, floods, burst pipes, falling trees, break in or theft is covered.

Life insurance:

Dial Direct has partnered with 1 Life to provide life insurance pay-outs form R50 000 to R10 million. Immediate cover is provided for accidental death, while successful claims are paid out within 48 hours. You can also get insurance for the whole of your life for up to R10 million.

Business insurance:

This type of insurance is tailored to cover you and your business against a variety of risks. Dial Direct covers a wide variety of businesses such as florists, coffee shops, book shops, retailers, hairdressers, electricians and plumbers.

Business insurance products include: Office, professional, practice, bed and breakfast, tradesman, 10 Ton Truck, Errors and Omissions.

To find out more about Dial Direct Insurance, call: 0861 91 77 72

Visit their website here: www.dialdirect.co.za


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