Digital Classrooms in South Africa

Digital Classroom

Earlier this year, seven schools in Gauteng walked into a new era of the digital classroom, which will connect them to a world of better educational opportunities. The paperless education system will give pupils access to learning material, workbooks and other subject matter through the use of information communications technology (ICT).

Migrating all Gauteng school to the digital system is estimated to cost R17-billion over the next five years. The tablets are programmed for educational purposes only, with lessons pre-loaded, and permanent IT specialists will be on site to help the teachers and pupils with the new system.

Apart from surveillance cameras, each school will have two armed security officers. The tablets have also been fitted with tracking devices. But this is not the only digital classroom project in the country.

The Vodacom Digital Classroom website provides information on all Teacher Centres that are part of the Mobile Education Programme and facilitates discussion forums for teachers and trainers to pose questions and help each other resolve education-related problems. A news feed offers the latest news on education in South Africa, and the site also provides links to a range of education resources available elsewhere on the web, both local and international.

The Teacher Centres are equipped with interactive boards, laptops, desktops, servers, data projectors, routers and printers. The centres provide spaces designed to train teachers on how to integrate ICT in the classroom. They also provide equipment and access to educational content.

To support the teacher training provided at the Teacher Centres, the Digital Classroom provides a wealth of web-based resources and teaching material for educators to access on the internet, presented in an accessible and attractive way.

During the 2015, an additional 20 Teacher Centres will be connected and equipped by Vodacom.


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