Discovery Hospital Plan&Genesis Hospital Plan


Illness can affect anyone at any time. This is why it always helps to be prepared for such an eventuality from a financial standpoint. It’s no secret that healthcare can be quite costly. While some people can afford to have medical aid, not everyone can afford it. As a result, more institutions are offering alternative solutions.

Hospital plans often offer convenient alternative solutions to pressing healthcare needs.

Comparing the Discovery Hospital Plan with the Genesis Hospital Plan:

Established two decades ago, Discovery is a “multifaceted, integrated financial services organisation” with a goal to make people healthier.

In addition to credit card and insurance solutions, Discovery also offers an affordable hospital plan.

Tell me more about the Discovery Hospital Plan?

This plan is offered in two tiers, namely: Core Series and Smart Series.

The Core Series Hospital Plan offers unlimited private hospital cover as well as full cover for chronic medicine. Clients also get to benefit from cover for medical emergencies when you travel outside of South Africa.

The Smart Series Hospital Plan provides affordable in-hospital cover, chronic cover and offers day-to-day benefits including GP consultations, acute medicine, eye and dental check-ups.

To contact Discovery, call: 0860 000 628

The Genesis Hospital Plan will cover you in hospital for planned and emergency hospital admissions. This plan also includes substantial benefits for basic dentistry (R25 000 per beneficiary per annum). On this plan, you may use any private hospital and doctor or medical specialist in South Africa.

Voted “best value of money,” the Genesis Medical Scheme offers Private Choice and Private Benefit Options for R1000 and R1500 monthly respectively.

With the Genesis Hospital Plan you are covered for hospitalisation, major medical illness as well as emergency medical evacuation.

To contact Genesis, call: 0861 56 46 66

In comparing the Discovery Hospital Plan and the Genesis Hospital Plan, it seems that both offer affordable and convenient healthcare solutions.  Individuals would have to choose between the two based on tailored solutions for their needs.


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