Discovery Apple Watch- How Many Points Do You Need?

Apple Watch Discovery

Leading health company Discovery has recently launched an initiative to give away Apple Watch devices for free if members meet certain conditions.

When the Discovery group was established two decades ago, it was a small specialist health insurer. The institution was created with the aim of making people healthier. Over the years, this aim has evolved while maintaining a vested interest in the health of its clients.

The institution provides products and services to six million clients across four continents.

How does the Discovery Apple Watch programme work?

Vitality Active Rewards members stand a chance of getting an Apple Watch device if they meet all their weekly fitness goals for 24 months.

Discovery will set a personalised fitness goal for each week. The number of points that a user earns each month will be calculated and the relevant debit will be made on the Discovery Card on the 10th of the following month.

The aim of the programme is to help motivate and encourage Vitality members to get more active. So essentially, the more goals that you meet every week, the bigger the discount that you’ll get on your Apple Watch monthly instalment. So if you reach all four goals per week in a month, your Discovery Apple Watch instalment will cost you nothing. If you don’t meet al goals within the month, you’ll have to pay between R122 and R245 for it that month.

What other conditions must be met?

  • Individuals need to own an iPhone 5 or newer model.
  • Individuals need to be part of Vitality Active Rewards.
  • Discovery cards must have a limit of at least R10 000 and an available balance of at least R600 to own the watches.
  • Members need to pay a once-off activation fee of R350 for the Apple Watch using a qualifying Discovery Gold Credit Card.

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