1,000,000 domains registered in SA


The growth in Internet use has prompted many companies to have most of their services accessed online. As such, more than a million Internet domain names have been registered with South Africa’s registry operator.

The number of South African domain names registered with the ZA Central Registry (ZACR) has reached a landmark, with over one million domains on record from 21 January 2015.
It’s sad to mention that South Africa won’t keep this milestone for long, however, as the ZACR will perform a deletion run on 23 January during which it will cull around 3,000 domains that haven’t been paid.

Of the 1,000,00 domains currently registered with the ZACR, the vast majority (962,962) are co.za domains, followed by org.za (26,592).
The balance is made up of .capetown, .joburg, .durban, web.za, and net.za registrations, as shown in the table below.
The first co.za domains registered after the zone was first created in 1992 were bksinc.co.za, paradigm.co.za, and uiscpt.co.za
Since then, a number of subdomains have been added to the .ZA country code top-level domain (TLD), such as org.za, web.za, and net.za.
In 2014 there was the introduction of three new generic TLDs for South Africa’s largest cities: .joburg, .capetown, and .durban.
Before these new gTLDs became generally available, trademark and intellectual property owners and other interested parties could apply for a dotCity domain during the sunrise and landrush phases.

The first three applications received during the sunrise phase were sasol.capetown, lexsynergy.joburg, and sasol.durban.
During the landrush phase, the first applications were for usedautos (.capetown, .joburg, and .durban).

When the new dotCities domains became generally available, the first three confirmed registrations for each gTLD were as follows.


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