Drone Scan data collection system: start up


The use of drones is often linked to warfare but it is important to state that these Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVS) have penetrated the commercial industry thus many business people have found them very useful in saving time and effort.

Drones have been devised to scan barcodes in big warehouses hence the term done scan; the scientific device is designed in such a way that it goes up on high shelves and scans the barcodes on items and barcodes on the shelf.

The drone utility is a save time facility that replaces the effort of employing a forklift to reach out for goods that are eight meters. The use of drones has many benefits, chief among them:

  • It reduces the effort of manual barcode scanning of high shelves
  • It’s not time consuming, dangerous and energy inefficient
  • The DroneScan Airborne data collection system uses the latest drone platforms, hardware, software scanning and communications technology to provide robotic scanning solutions of high shelves in large uniform warehouses

How does the Drone Scan work?

The drone Code consists of a barcode or RFID reader equipped with sensors whose role is to keep them within an optimal scanning range from the racks and pallets in the warehouse in the process of scanning an item and shelf barcodes. These sensors provide information to the onboard flight controller which keeps it on the correct height to scan the rack and pallet item barcodes in a warehouse. The height of the drone is made possible via wireless communication done from the server to the drone which uses a database to process the scanned barcodes and send commands to the drone, while building up a list of items scanned in the inventory.

Data Processing of the Drone Scan

The Drone is closely connected to the DroneScan database, not precisely to pile up scanned data but to provide position and navigation information to the drone based on the barcodes or RFID tags scanned.

The Drone is so simple such that its system is so simple and no costly infrastructure is needed to set up a warehouse, it uses bin location barcodes on the racks as its navigation system. These locations are normally attached to the racking in warehouses. The warehouse is organized in such a way that it can upload an excel spreadsheet containing bin location information into the database using the easy to use DroneScan Windows software.



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