Edge Campus, equipping educators through technology


Education remains one of the most valuable investment sectors in society. This is one sector that offers great returns on investment both for industry players and consumers. It is therefore not surprising that the need for modern technology to assist the growth and development of education services has intensified over the years. One technological development coming out of a start-up environment which is playing a crucial role in this regard is Edge Campus.

Edge Campus is a technology app which has been created in order to change the way children learn and are generally taught. Edge Campus is an innovative response to the challenge that educators in South Africa and beyond face in managing learners continuous assessments. This app uses a simple tool called Qurio which is a simple but powerful assessment tool that allows teachers to create digital assessments and push them out to PCs and mobile devices with very little technical know-how. This tool empowers teachers to create and circulate assessments among their students in order to receive feedback on the work being done in the classroom.These assessments can be broken up into three different categories such as basic assessment, quiz and survey.

The basic assessment is a once off questionnaire, whereby the teacher can gauge what the learner knows. A quiz is beneficial to the learner as it can reinforce what they have learned. Finally, a survey is an assessment without marks.

This assessment tool can also be tailored to any sector or business that requires monitoring and evaluation.


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