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Electrical services

South Africa’s buzzing and fast growing economy relies on solid energy infrastructure and supply. The country meets around 77% of its energy needs through coal. Eskom together with the governments Department of Energy has embarked on a massive programme to bring the electricity supply and distribution into balance and reach many parts of the country.The need for private sector support is therefore very critical. One business house providing this much need expertise support is Schmidhauser.

Electrical services РSchmidhauser Electrical is a South African electrical company  which has become a leader in the industrial, residential and commercial sectors. This electrical engineering giant has built a reputation for outstanding service and highest levels of expertise which carries the stamp of Swiss precision. Services provided are divided into industrial division, domestic division, commercial and retail division, meter power quality analyser and thermal imaging.

With a strong national footprint, Schmidhauser is also one of the very few firms in South Africa offering Infrared Thermal Imaging. Infrared Thermal Imaging is the use of specialised equipment to see the infrared spectrum. With good training, a qualified operator can make educated interpretations of what is occurring inside the wall based on the thermal image, picking up heat signatures of where there are defects. Using this technology, Schmidhauser Electrical can do an audit and give a comprehensive report, which allows customers to plan and budget for electrical maintenance.

Franchising opportunities

With a history of outstanding entrepreneurship acumen, Schmidhauser has also embraced the franchising phenomemon.This means this electrical giant and brand is always ready to open its doors and partner those who would like to own a corporate, commercial and domestic specialized electrical company.

It’s clear to see from the above that Schmidhauser Electrical is a reliable partner in providing electrical expertise both for public and private houses.

Contact can be made on 0861542548.
Electrical services


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