Electro Mechanica Brings the Mercedes Benz Energy Storage Unit to South Africa


As natural resources continue to be depleted globally, nations around the world may experience an energy crisis in coming years. One company that is dedicated to slowing down or even reversing these effects is Mercedes Benz.

Although widely renowned for producing quality vehicles, the company has diversified to producing energy storage units. 

Tell me more about the Mercedes Benz Energy storage Unit?

The Mercedes Benz Energy Storage Unit is designed to enable homes, companies and utilities to optimise the use of solar power, increase autonomy and enhance energy efficiency. In a country like South Africa, where there is a considerable amount of sunshine across most parts of the country throughout the year, the use of solar power has been a very effective measure at saving energy.

Based on the same battery technology used in Mercedes Benz electric and hybrid vehicles, energy storage unit gives users greater independence of energy supply.

The device stores excess photovoltaic energy produced during the day, which can then be utilised on demand day or night.

Perfectly suited for private homes, the Mercedes Benz Energy Storage Unit can be adapted for individual needs.

Why choose the Mercedes Benz Energy Storage Unit?

It offers an efficient energy-saving solution. By using energy produced during the day, households can save a considerable amount of money on electricity costs.

It has a 10 year current value replacement warranty.

It offers protection against fluctuating energy costs. Users can rely on stored energy in the unit for energy, as opposed to a sole reliance on electricity in the home.

It saves resources. The unit allows users to save resources and save in the process.

You can rely on the “Made in Germany” in Mercedes Benz quality.


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