Eskom Alternatives


Alternatives are considered to be means of fulfilling the same needs and purpose as the originally proposed projects. Alternatives are supposed to minimize the impact and maximize benefits. There quite a number of alternatives to Eskom which citizens can utilize.  

Coal- coal is the most widely used and easily accessible form of energy. According to,the south African Chamber of mines estimates 53 billion tons of coal which are available to sustain South Africa many years to come.  

Solar- solar is also another alternative to Eskom. Preferred for being environmentally clean and sustainable. It is also a cheap source of energy. solar energy does not produce any emissions into the atmosphere. It is also readily accessible as South Africa enjoys more sunshine days per year. Using solar to heat water can reduce the amount of electricity used per day.  

Wind– another alternative is harnessing the wind by using wind turbines. This type of electricity generation is mostly practical in areas that have strong and steady winds. Wind energy is clean and does not pollute as it does not produce any harmful substances to the environment. Wind energy is suitable for both rural and urban areas and is affordable and easy to access.  

Generators– most south Africans are making use of generators to generate power. This form of energy generates sound pollution. A generator is a machine that is used to transform chemical or mechanical energy into electrical energy. 

Biomass energy is obtained from methane gas which is produced from landfill sites, farm, household and organic waste. Examples of this include wood waste, agricultural residues, paper and solid waste. 

Ocean power-ocean power can also generate electricity through the creation of waves. The wind blows over the ocean and energy is produced. It is estimated that the ocean can generate enough power to sustain the world’s electricity. Ocean energy is very costly to produce and has possible high impacts on the environment.  

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