Essential Credit loans: Experiencing rapid growth

essential credit loans

A young but dynamic financial creditor, Essential Credit says it is presently experiencing rapid growth with a strong reputation and understanding of financial business environment. The sentiments by the company on its website are a reflection of its continued support to serve members experiencing financial difficulties by providing consumers with loans that can be repaid between threeand 30 days.

According tothecreditors’ website, the company Provides short term loans which are convenient and flexible for the consumer insuring that the client can bridge the financial gap at the time that they are in most dire need for financial assistance,” it reads.

Essential Credit’s loan application is a paperless procedure that is completed online. The online application has slides that allow an applicant to slide different slots and determine how much money does a client want to borrow and how long do they want to borrow it for.

“The slider will then automatically generate your repayment amount, indicate how much interest you will pay and will also show the exact repayment date,” says Essential credit. The application doesn’t require any scanning or faxing of documents, it is completely web based.

The money will be deposited into the applicant’s bank account upon completing the online application process. The website has a resource centre, a platform that equips clients with knowledge on how the loan application process works. There is a Frequently Asked Questions page which can be used to answer some of the questions likely to be asked by future clients.
The creditor forms part of the Essential Group which comprises of Essential Med, Doctor, Life and Gap. It is a registered financial services provider.
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essential credit loans


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