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Medical Aid

The benefits of Medical Aid are enjoyed by a few people in South Africa. This is often as the result of fees becoming more expensive every year. The fact is, not everyone is able to afford traditional medical aid packages on offer. This has created a gap in the market for alternative healthcare insurance providers, with packages specifically designed for individual needs as opposed to a generic package.

Medical insurance is important. You need to know that if anything unexpected should happen, you’ll be protected. Essential Med is a leading health insurance company that aims to provide affordable and innovative products.

This institution believes in offering affordable healthcare that people can rely on.

It lets you choose the benefits that suit you, so you get the cover you need without the extras you don’t want.

Essential Med provides value-for money healthcare insurance that never compromises on quality.

Team members are empathetic and professional at all times, so you can also expect open communication at all times.

Products offered:

Day to day cover

Benefits include:

  • Scheduled and emergency doctors’ visits
  • Cover options for acute and chronic medication
  • Access to dentistry and optometry benefits
  • Visits to a network of specialists
  • Radiology and pathology

Hospital Cover

With this product, you get access to countrywide private hospitals when you need it.

You also get prompt and efficient claim payments. There are no waiting periods on emergency visits for accidents.

It also included cover for the first 24 hours after admission.

Group Cover

With 10 years of experience in the industry, Essential Med is Financial Services Board compliant. The company promises a quick claim turnaround and affordable premiums which are not salary-based. Essential Med is a leading health insurance company that aims to provide affordable and innovative products.

Personal cover starts from R159 per month.

Hospital cover and day-to-day benefits are offered from only R360 per month.

Provide your Essential Med membership card and policy number for pre-authorisation and payment of a stated benefit.




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