Expected internet technologies 2014


The advent of the Internet has altered the way human beings live, interact, exchange information or even do business through instant messaging, internet forums and social networking. The building of robust, fault tolerant communication via computer networks has also redefined most traditional communications media including telephone, music, film and television. There are however a number of social and economic sectors that the internet has positively affected and will continue to affect in the future. These sectors include education, healthcare, crime prevention and manufacturing.

Education – Thanks to the internet, education related activities such as research, games, web seminars and even distance education can now all be done at a click of a button. Research has been madeĀ  easier because students can use the internet and digital encyclopedias to obtain the needed research information. Students can also use the internet to virtually attend web seminars put on by other education institutions. Due to the use of technology and internet, students can take courses from distant institutions over the internet at their own convenience. The future will continue to see students and pupils learn from the comfort of their homes through the use of internet.

Healthcare – The health care industry has had its doctor-patient relationship changed over time with the use of internet. The internet has also brought about electronic medical record and electronic medical billing process. To an extreme level, even surgeries can now be done remotely. A number of surgeries especially micro-surgeries are now done with the use of robots. Usually the surgeon is located in the operating room but he/she is at the control panel looking through a camera and not beside the patient. Therefore, it does not matter where the surgeon is located as long as the connection is uninterrupted. Fiber-optic technology with its fast rate of data transmission could provide such a connection.

Crime prevention – Internet capabilities with regards to crime prevention have continued to advance over time. Constant development of miniaturisation in the near future result in invisible cameras everywhere, even embedded in clothes. Recording daily actions of citizens in communities and around the world will result in decreased visible crime because it will be aborted before it happens.

Impact of technology on Manufacturing – Home design inventions will increase over the years due to the growing adoption of 3D printing which allows people to print things at home. Technology will also cause a complete reshaping of supply chains and a further shift to an economy based not on the supply of physical objects but digital ones.

The possibilities of the internet age will continue to be truly limitless for the good of mankind and the global community.


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