Expensive Schools in South Africa

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When it comes to schools, there are many expensive options for parents these days. Although expensive, these schools have their benefits, which is why wealthier families choose to send their children to one of these popular schools. Here are a few of the most expensive schools in South Africa:

Hilton College – KZN

With an annual fee of R209,000, Hilton College in Kwa-Zulu Natal is South Africa’s most expensive private school. The all-boys boarding school, located near Hilton in the KZN Midlands, was founded in 1872 and sits on an over 1,700 hectare piece of land, which includes its own wildlife reserve.

So what will R209,000 at Hilton College get you? Aside from the prestigious location and tradition, the fees cover tuition, board, games, ordinary medical attention, the use of the sanatorium, library and laundry.

MichaelHouse – KZN

Hilton, set in KwaZulu-Natal’s lush Midlands, is not the only one. Other pricy schools include Bishops in the Western Cape, Michaelhouse in KwaZulu-Natal, St Andrew’s College in the Eastern Cape, Crawford campuses across the country, and St John’s College and St Stithian’s in Gauteng.

These schools occupy sprawling estates covering several hectares and offer facilities that attract the offspring of royalty, the rich and famous, sporting stars and captains of industry.

St Andrews College – Eastern Cape

St Andrews College an all-boys school found in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape. With an incredibly proud heritage dating back to 1855, St Andrew’s is steeped in rich tradition and, at the same time, is a thoroughly modern, progressive boys’ boarding school. You’ll pay R199 140 for a boarding pupil and this includes a variety of benefits.


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