Why Facebook Has Launched An Office in Africa

Facebook, Office in Africa, Nicola Mendelsohn, Nunu Ntshingila-Njeke

This July news came out of social networking company Facebook officially launching it first sales office on the African continent.

The city of Johannesburg houses the social networking titan’s first office in Africa. With over 120 million Facebook users on the continent, it seems the company is looking to expand its influence on the African market.

Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook’s VP for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, believes that the continent will produce the next billion users for the company.

A key factor to consider is that 70% of Africans are under the age of 25, so the potential for further expansion of mobile technology is great, creating more opportunities for social networking companies to grow within the region. It’s expected that even more young Africans will access social networking sites via mobile in years to come – something Facebook has tapped into.

The company described the opening of its new office as “the first step in furthering our investment in Africa and its people.”

The move is an aim by Facebook to introduce more African users to the benefits of internet use, while also creating more opportunities for advertisers. Using native advertising, Facebook has been able to help advertisers in other regions to achieve their goals without annoying users.

Based in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg, the branch will be spearheaded by Nunu Ntshingila-Njeke, a South African advertising veteran. Set to take over as Head of Africa in September, she will lead the sales team that will initially focus on countries in the Sub-Saharan region, including Kenya and Nigeria as well.

“We are inspired by the incredible ways people and businesses in Africa use Facebook to connect. This momentum in Africa comes on top of strong advertiser partnerships and excellent adoption of our products across all regions,” says Mendelsohn.

“Mobile is not a trend. It’s the fastest development in communications we’ve ever seen. This couldn’t be more true in Africa – where so many people are mobile-only. This new office is a significant milestone for Facebook and our teams want to partner with businesses across the continent,” Mendelsohn adds.


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