Fast food franchises opportunities in South Africa


South Africa is a fast growing economy with sophisticated, diverse and promising market opportunities. One of these areas of investment is Franchising. Franchising is the business practice of using a firms successful business model and brand for a prescribed period of time. One of the business areas flourishing with regards to franchising is the fast food arena. Below are the top fast food franchise opportunities in South Africa.

Mcdonalds – Mcdonalds is the worlds largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving about 68 million customers daily in 119 countries. In South Africa, this brand offers capable business people an opportunity to become owner or operator of franchise restaurants. The application process is very rigorous, with thorough background checks, personality screenings, in-store assessment periods and in-depth interviews but the rewards can be well worth it.

KFC Franchises – KFC is an immensely popular fast food brand in the country with outlets across the country.The potential to succeed is huge under this franchise.The list of requirements to qualify as a franchisee include access to sufficient funding, availability for in-store training programmes, good employment track records, demonstrated ability to focus on customer service, business acumen, leadership ability, BEE compliance and payment of an application fee.

Burger King – Burger King is a new entrant in the South African fast food market. With a history in hamburger fast food that dates back to 1953, this brand has become a new franchise opportunity.The franchise requirements for Burger King includes the assessment of entrepreneurship skills, business acumen, passion for system catering and ability to open five restaurants in as many years.

Chicken Licken – Chicken Licken is a competitive fast food outlet in South Africa. It has a charismatic approach which promises high yield returns to partners if the business is properly managed.This brand also offers collective learning and expert guidance among franchisees.

Nandos – Nandos is a fast food brand distinguished by its trademark meat and trademark Portuguese twist on its food. Nandos food is considered to be upmarket fast food and is therefore a classy choice for franchise investment. Because of the brands integrity, franchisees are screened for suitability.

Wimpy – It is rare that you can travel to any corner of South Africa without finding a Wimpy outlet and its one of the leading franchise groups in the country.The ethos of the companys franchising approach is to provide expert guidance to franchisees every step of the way, providing business training and other expert assistance.

The above are some of the Franchisee opportunities worth considering in South Africa.


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