Female Awards for Postgraduate Studies


For a long time women were denied access to quality education and equal opportunities for career advancement. In recent years there have been more doors opened, creating opportunities for women of all ages, races and nationalities to further advance their careers. 

There are more bursaries, scholarships and awards available, making it easier for women to gain access to the opportunities they need. Offered by companies, tertiary education institutions and individual donors, female awards for postgraduate studies are designed to offer simple financial solutions while encouraging postgraduate studies.

There are a range of institutions that specialise in the provision of Female Awards for Postgraduate Studies.

South African Association of Women Graduates

The institution administers partial bursaries and Fellowship Awards for South African female students who have completed an undergraduate degree and want to complete postgraduate studies.

Bertha Stoneman Award

This Award is specifically for botany, and natural sciences research. It has an annual value of R2000.

Isie Smuts Award

The Isie Smuts Award finance research in any field. The award has an annual value of R1300.

Mary Agard Pocock Award

This award finances research in botany or natural sciences and has an annual value of R1300.

Hansi Pollack Fellowship

This Fellowship is for postgraduate research directed towards bettering social conditions in South Africa. The award comprises of R3000 per year for two years.

It is specifically available to female students undertaking postgraduate studies at any South African University or Universities of technology.

Graduate Women International

This organisation offers international fellowships and grants to women graduates for postgraduate research, study and training.

This award is open free of charge to women PhD candidates.

Students in any branch of learning may apply but their programme must demonstrate relevance to GWI’s mission, aims and objectives.

To apply for female awards for postgraduate studies from GWI, visit www.graduatewomen.org.


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