Female Car Insurance


According to an article in the Telegraph, men in the United Kingdom are charged more than women for car insurance.  

In South Africa, 1st for Women car insurance policies are tailor-made to fit every woman’s busy lifestyle. This insurance company has policies that are specifically designed to meet the needs of women. Premiums with this company are based on a range of factors, with the main factor being gender.

Car insurance companies base their premiums on associated risk. Therefore, the higher the risk of the individual, the higher the insurance premiums will be.

What makes female car insurance different?

Women have statistically fewer accidents and they also make fewer claims. This is one of the reasons that female car insurance premiums differ significantly from those of men. Women are also statistically less likely to drive recklessly and at high speeds on the road – which significantly lowers their level of risk and translates into lower insurance premiums.

How are insurance premiums calculated?

More insurance companies are using telematics to determine insurance premiums. By using a telematics box, an insurance company is able to record various aspects of your driving, including speed, braking and acceleration.

It essentially gathers accurate information about your driving and helps to calculate car premiums based on individual driving behaviour at the renewal date.

To improve your chances of getting lower insurance premiums, you can make a number of improvements, such as:

Driving smoothly

If you improve your driving you are likely to be able to benefit from lower car insurance costs.

Keeping to an appropriate speed for the road and its conditions

By adhering to the rules of the road and keeping to the speed limit you could get lower female car insurance quotes.

Avoiding harsh acceleration and braking (unless in an emergency)

Avoid driving regularly at night

Taking breaks on long journeys


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