Finance Entry Level Jobs


Working in the finance industry can be challenging and it also has its perks. Major draw factors are often big starting salaries and the prospect of earning much larger packages as your career progresses. 

The finance industry is also the engine of the economy and working in this sector can give individuals a sense of pride, knowing that they are contributing to the efficient functioning of small and large companies, which help the economy function efficiently, by creating jobs.

What types of Finance entry-level jobs are available?


Accounting continues to remain one of the top careers in the financial industry. Demand is still high for skilled and qualified individuals who have sharp analytical and financial skills.

Despite the long hours, as a finance entry-level job, being an accountant comes with good pay, making it a valuable position.

Quantitative risk analyst

This job includes risk management with investment banking. It comes with a high salary  and is one of the most sought-after finance entry-level jobs.


As one of the most popular finance entry-level jobs, bookkeeping gives you first-hand experience of cash flow and forecasting. The position often includes providing support to senior accountants.

It also involves helping with processing expenses and invoicing, financial analyses as well as helping with month –end and year-end.

Trainee mortgage advisor (broker)

To qualify for this job, you are generally required to hold an industry-recognised qualification. You will essentially be helping people find and apply for the right mortgage, based on their situation and finances.

Typical education requirements you’ll need for various finance entry-level jobs:

  • Business fund management
  • Financial markets
  • Investments and securities
  • Security analysis and valuation
  • Risk management
  • Trading
  • Venture Capital
  • Financial forecasting

Qualities you need include:

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Good with numbers
  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to work well without supervision


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