Finance for C-class Mercedes


With a retail price of R472 400, the C-Class Mercedes is a luxury vehicle oozing class and sophistication.  The Sedan version has a refined exterior and sporty interior. It also comes with the impressive Intelligent Drive System.  

With this system, comfort and safety have now been fused. Assistance systems analyse complex situations and thanks to improved peripheral sensors, identify changes in road traffic more effectively.

If you are a fan of the Mercedes Benz brand, you’ll be glad to know that there are various finance methods available for you to buy your favourite model. Getting finance for C-Class Mercedes is simple. As long as you know what type of finance solution will work best for your unique individual needs, you’ll be well on your way to driving the car of your dreams.

Types of Finance for C-Class Mercedes:

Instalment Agreement with Balloon payment

This option allows for acquisition of the vehicle and offers fixed or variable interest rates. Repayments can be made over an agreed period and you can get tailor-made payment structures. This option also comes with lower monthly payments.

Instalment Agreement

This is the traditional, straightforward way of financing your vehicle.


FlexiFix is specially designed to assist in minimising the impact of interest rate fluctuations when they occur.

Finance Lease

With this solution, you get to lease a vehicle for an agreed period.

Through Mercedes Benz Financial Services, you get access to competitive rates and flexible contract terms on vehicles.

A wide range of financing and insurance options are available and can be tailored to suit specific customer needs.

Various payment structures are offered to suit customer budgets.

Mercedes Benz Financial Services also offer a competitive insurance policy that is designed as meticulously as the vehicles they finance, to provide a comprehensive range of benefits.

To find out more about Finance for C-Class Mercedes, visit the website:


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