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What are the benefits of being a Finance Turtle member?

Finance finding facility

As a Finance Turtle member you get to enjoy the free loan-finding facility. This facility does all the hard work for you. When searching for a loan, all you need to do is provide the Finance Turtle brand with you details and requirements and they will match you with the most suitable lender for your needs. 

Debt review assessment

If you are struggling to repay your debts, a debt review assessment may be ideal as a way to help you find ways to improve your current debt situation.

Legal services

With Finance Turtle, legal services are offered to help clients during their time of need when they are in needs of legal advice.

Last will and testament

R3000 Family Funeral Cover

Funeral Support Services

Body repatriation benefit

Emergency Medical Services

Trauma and Assault Counselling

Personal Health Advisor Services

HIV Prevention Treatment Services and Counselling

As a National Credit Regulator-registered financial institution, Finance Turtle is also fully compliant with the Consumer Protection Act.

Some of the various brands of Finance Turtle include: 

  • Ayoba Loans
  • Loan Seekers
  • Speedy Loans
  • Need a Loan
  • Car-Finance
  • Dot Loans

Loans 4 Africa: 

If you are facing a financial hurdle and don’t know your next move, Loans 4 Africa may have just the solution for you. If you are blacklisted you may be having a hard time getting access to credit. Loans 4 Africa specialises in being able to assist you in this regard.

The lenders that Loans 4 Africa is associated with are NCR registered. Therefore the fees and interest they charge are in accordance with the National Credit Act.

Loans 4 Africa strives to provide its clients with speedy and efficient service. They always aim to provide loan applicants with a response within at least 24 hours.

Contact Finance Turtle by calling: 074 123 8235. Send an email to


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